How Do You Fix A Disappeared Desktop Icon For AOL Gold?

Do you remember the heyday of America Online? The commercials were all over the place, discs showed up in the mail unsolicited, and you could also find them on the counters of many stores across the land, free to take. There were so many install discs out there that some people were organizing recycling efforts, making mosaics on their walls out of them, using them as coasters, or even mailing back bulk packages of them to AOL in protest.

The rise of broadband and many other online access avenues resulted in a serious decline of AOL, and yet there are still some using the service, which is still around. Some love the various chat rooms, features, and communities, and others just want to keep AOL email addresses they've now possibly had for decades. Whatever the case, it's still useful to many people, but it's not always perfect.

Sometimes they have problems Like:

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And one of them common problem is the desktop icon for AOL Desktop Gold disappearing on them, meaning they either have a harder time launching the service or are even unable to do it. If you're such a user, or you've been asked for help in fixing this by a known user, then keep reading as the following paragraphs discuss 6 potential solutions to this issue:

1). Reboot Your Computer: The first thing you should always try when dealing with a troubleshooting issue is to just reboot your system. If just power cycling doesn't work, which is where you tell it to reboot, then make sure it physically powers all the way down before you unplug the machine and let it sit for 30 seconds so the internal components can reset. Then plug it back in and power it back up.

2). Check Your Trash: Look in your Recycle Bin just to see if someone might have accidentally moved the icon into that folder. For that matter, look in folders that might be close on the Desktop screen that are close to where the AOL Gold icon used to be. It might have just gotten clicked on and dropped in by accident.

3). Go Into The Control Panel: If you can't find the icon and it doesn't show back up, just go into the Programs section of the Control Panel, if your OS has one. From there, you should be able to find the installed program and just create a new desktop icon. You might also be able to do this from your Start button.

4). Uninstall And Reinstall: removing the AOL Desktop Gold program and then reinstalling can take out some bugs and errors, as does patching it to the latest version.

5). Rollback Your OS: Does your computer have a rollback feature that lets you restore settings from previous days, weeks, or months? You might be able to go back in time to a point where you still had the icon. Just make sure that you backup your files.

6). Contact AOL Tech Support: If all else fails from these frequently suggested troubleshooting tips, you might just want to call, email, or chat with AOL tech support. It's not going to be the first time they've had someone contact them about this issue, and they can probably find something that will help you out.